What's the complete systerm of greenhouse?

Issuing time:2018-08-06 15:08


1.Internal shadingsystem

In the summer, due to the highsolar radiation load entering the greenhouse, when using the external shadingsystem, most of the solar radiation was blocked into the greenhouse. With a well ventilatedenvironment and wet curtain - fan system used to create the ideal temperatureand humidity environment, reducing greenhouse operating costs, saving energyconsumption.

2.External shadingsystem

Main functions andcharacteristics  :

In the summer, the solarradiation which loaded into the greenhouse is too high, and when the externalsun shading system is used, by blocking most of the solar radiation fromentering the greenhouse, with both cooling pad and fan system, it can createthe ideal temperature and humidity environment, reduce the greenhouse operationcost and save the energy consumption.

3.Fan &Cooling Pad Auxiliary Cooling System

The cooling system consists ofwet curtain, water pump system and large capacity brand fan. The principle ofthe system is that water evaporates and takes away heat to achieve the coolingeffect.

4.Ventilation System

Both sides and the top adopts theelectric ventilation system, roll film rod, electric roll film, and insect net.

5.Atomization system

Spray irrigation is a form ofirrigation in which pressurized water is sprayed over plants to provide themwith water. Compared with the traditional ground irrigation method, sprinklerirrigation has the advantages of water saving, energy saving, labor saving andhigh irrigation quality. The overall design of sprinklerirrigation is based on topography, soil, meteorology, hydrology, plantconfiguration conditions.

6.Heating System

The heating system is to use theboiler to heat the water inside the boiler, through the circulating pump to theboiler hot water through the heating pipe to the greenhouse or greenhouse, andeven assigned to the indoor set of each radiator, through the radiator to heatthe room The air, the room temperature is increased, the cooled water isreturned to the boiler to reheat.


Seedbed nets, according to its role  inagriculture, it is also called nursery network, chain link fence, flower net, plays an indispensable role in the development of modern agriculture. The number of greenhouse  seedbed, according to the actual productionin the greenhouse or nursery area to set.


Hydroponic System of greenhouseapplies the hydroponics, which refers to the means of cultivation that isequipped with the base materials, not natural soil, when plants are inseed breeding period and that is fixed with nutrient solutions for irrigationafter they are settled, preventing the diseases due to the soil frequently usedand the physiological barriers because of the salt accumulation of it andmeeting the needs of plants with minerals, water, air and other conditions.

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